Tarot Terms and Conditions

This is my framework of ethics and my terms and conditions of practice.

I offer Tarot readings as a method for coaching, mentoring, guidance and counselling. I work with Tarot as a tool for spiritual and personal growth and transformation.   I am committed to treating my clients with respect, kindness and compassion.  A Tarot reading should leave you feeling understood, empowered, uplifted and encouraged, with some ideas for a positive way forward.

I do not predict the future, or believe in fate, but I do explore likely or possible outcomes.   It is your responsibility to use your discrimination in acting upon any advice that I may give you.  I cannot give you specific dates, times or names, nor can I tell you what you “should” do.

My readings are detailed, and you will need time to reflect upon your reading before taking any actions.

I offer a serious professional service, and I seek to serve, support and encourage you and work towards your highest interests.  On rare occasions, I may decline a reading if I feel I might not be able to do this, for any reason.  In this situation, your full fee will be refunded, and I will not enter into further discussion with you.

The full fee is payable in advance before I start work on your reading.  I do not offer free or “taster” readings.

If you are unhappy with a reading, please write to me to explain why.  At my discretion, I will seek an appropriate way to remedy this if I feel your complaint is based on any failure on my part, rather than that you do not like the outcome of the reading.

In order to offer you an in-depth reading, I will need a short discussion or email exchange with you to clarify your questions, so that I am completely clear about the context and what questions I am asking. Most poor and inaccurate readings are based on lack of understanding of what the querent is really asking for. Thinking that you should “test” me by withholding information from me will greatly reduce the value of your reading.

It is your responsibility to seek appropriate professional advice. A tarot reader cannot offer you legal or medical advice, although you can use tarot to help you understand and deal with any situation more skilfully and effectively – but you will still need the professional advice.

All my readings, and all information you share with me, are strictly confidential.

You need an email or postal address where I can send your reading. If you ask, I can send your reading via a secure mail service.

I humbly request your response and feedback about your reading in order to help me to become a better reader.  I may request your permission to share some of your feedback as a testimonial if you are happy for me to do this, but whether or not you do so does not any way affect our professional relationship.

I am unable to read about a third party – another person –  except in general terms to describe their influence upon you, as this could be an invasion of their privacy.   I do not offer readings on how to harm or exploit another person.

I attempt to be non-judgemental, to refrain from sharing my opinions, and I offer readings to everyone – the Tarot is for everyone.  My work is LBGTQ friendly and I welcome querents from all spiritual faiths and none, and from every country and nationality across the world.

I am based in the UK, and I follow the laws of my country in terms of taxation and data protection.  This means your data is stored in my systems just for as long as you remain my client –  after which it is securely destroyed.  I do not store your contact details alongside personal information about you.  I may be obliged to disclose information concerning certain criminal activity.

If you are a young person under the age of 16, I will need to assess if I feel a Tarot reading is right for you at this time, or whether another form of support would serve you better. If you are a vulnerable person, I will ascertain if you have appropriate support before reading for you. our contact details alongside personal information about you.