Seasonal Planning

There’s so much benefit in planning.  It’s ok to rush from one activity to the next and check the items on your various to-do lists…. But you already realise that to be effective and to actually enjoy the journey, you need to feel in charge of both your time and your focus. Not only that, your stated purpose has to be in alignment with your soul contract, or you are always going to feel a little off course.

So every new year – whenever you decide that the start of your new years is, and this is different for everybody – it’s time for a full reflection, review, and a goal setting session where you set your priorities and look at how you will actually organise your time to ensure they remain your priorities. You also need a way to cope with disruptions and the expected without getting derailed, and these are times when it’s so easy to experience a setback, and your courage, determination and vision need to step in front.  If a mentor is alongside you, it is so much easier to sort out what is important, and how to best handle the challenges.   You decide on your goals, but a mentor can help hold you accountable and stay in relationship with you. Using tarot as a support to this process brings wisdom and depth, and opens up levels of awareness and information that can be incredibly helpful.

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