Relationship Readings

Is he the one for me? Will my ex come back into my life? Do you see this relationship having a longterm future? What are her feelings for me?  Is she my true soulmate?  Is he cheating on me?  These are the kinds of questions I am so often asked as a tarot reader.    Sometimes you need some reassurance, or some confirmation that your instincts are correct.  Sometimes you feel confused or uncertain, or you are worried by aspects of your partner’s attitude or behaviour.

Yes, a tarot reading can address all of these questions and more, although there are ethical issues about entering into the privacy of a third party. Sometimes, however, it can be more satisfying to go a bit deeper, for example to explore the patterns that repeat in your relationships, or why it is that you are having difficulty meeting the right person, and most of all what you can do to prepare yourself and create the right conditions for the relationship of your dreams.

Sometimes people ask me what I call “fate based” questions, such as “when will I find love” or “will I ever get married and have children”.  It is difficult to answer this kind of question, because your future is not fixed, it depends on your free will and the choices and actions you take, and the free will of billions of other humans all interacting! I will encourage you to ask a question that is more empowering and useful for you, such as “what can I do to get out of the rut I am in and meet someone special” or “what can I do to make this relationship work – what do I need to know and understand in order to be happy in my relationship?”

I offer relationship readings for one person –  that is about you and what is happening in the relationships area of your life – or a reading for two people.  The two-person reading explores each of you in the relationship, how you each perceive and relate to the other, and what the relationship itself is like – the strengths and weaknesses and what each of you can do to help it be strong and healthy.  We can explore issues such as where fears or past losses are affecting one of you, or the underlying reasons for tensions emerging.  Or we can focus on the task of building a strong and vibrant relationship for you both.   

If you request a relationship reading, I will clarify with you so you get the exact reading that you need to help you feel better informed, more self aware and confident. 

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