Project/Event Planning

Co-creation with guidance and support

It really helps to understand the potential energies that underlie your projects and events, how you can make the best of them, understand timing and   the things that you need to be aware of, and of  course the things that could potentially go wrong. The use of this type of reading is only limited by your imagination – you can use it for everything, whether home-based, work-based, creative or for planning your wedding! Perhaps difficult decisions are involved and you need to see clearly the pros and cons of the different alternatives?  Do you need support in order to attain success because sometimes you sabotage yourself?  Do you sometimes need someone behind you or beside you who is non-judgemental and always constructive?  If your project or event is aligned with your soul’s purpose and you establish it mindfully and consistently, you can attain amazing results. You can engage just the level of support you need.  I will be looking at the kind of resources you will need to pull in to support you, and what you will be able to do on your own or with your existing resources.

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