• For when you want a direct answer to a question, or a yes/no answer. Shorter  readings – sometimes sweeter, and always on point.  If you just have one question, or one or two closely related questions, we can ask the angels. You get clarity, guidance, advice, nurturing and support, possibly gentle challenge.   An angel reading is also a good choice if you want to test out my reading style.  I’m a certified Angel Card Reader, and so many people LOVE these readings for the gentle yet accurate wisdom and insight that gently clarifies and uplifts so you can see more clearly. Angel card readings are sent to you as a written summary.
  • Am I in the right job? Will my work prospects improve soon?  How can I best  deal with the boss, manager or colleague who is making my life difficult?  How best to cope with workplace competition or bullying? Do I need to change direction in my career? I feel stuck and don’t know what to do to progress….   Shall I take the plunge and start my own business? Do I need to go to college? If I relocate, will it work out?  
  • How to get the most from a psychic or tarot reading with any reader!
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    A psychic shares her secrets with you - personal guidance with lush illustrations
  • We all long to be seen and recognised for who we really are.  To be recognised and affirmed is really all we need.  This is the essential nourishment that can help us re-set and re-orient ourselves to what lies immediately in front of us. Please fill in your three questions.  
  • Imagine having someone alongside you in your project,  whether this is completing a book, achieving a bigger reputation for your art, creating new designs, or making your customers very happy?   But you can have guidance just when you need it, and not when you don’t, and you don’t need to keep showing up in a group!  Everyone experiences periods of feeling blocked or stuck,  and these can go on for months;  this is just when you  need an external process to unstick you.  Tarot is magnificently helpful for creative choices and decisions as well, when you are plotting, working with fine details,  or determining the direction a piece is going to take. In this style of mentoring, your unique creative style is honoured, valued and appreciated while at the same time you are given some uplift under your wings, to reach higher.  Behind every successful creative there is a team of supporters – and this invisible support helps you shine by helping you to see your creative direction more clearly, and getting out of your own way.
  • You will have experienced that there are some particular aspects of your personality, interests and life experience that cannot be fully explained  or described by formative experiences in your childhood.  Sometimes these traits  can be very persistent, and they colour our current experience.
  • It really helps to understand the potential energies that underlie your projects and events, how you can make the best of them, understand timing and   the things that you need to be aware of, and of  course the things that could potentially go wrong. The use of this type of reading is only limited by your imagination – you can use it for everything, whether home-based, work-based, creative or for planning your wedding! Perhaps difficult decisions are involved and you need to see clearly the pros and cons of the different alternatives?  Do you need support in order to attain success because sometimes you sabotage yourself?  Do you sometimes need someone behind you or beside you who is non-judgemental and always constructive?  If your project or event is aligned with your soul’s purpose and you establish it mindfully and consistently, you can attain amazing results. You can engage just the level of support you need.  I will be looking at the kind of resources you will need to pull in to support you, and what you will be able to do on your own or with your existing resources.
  • Is he the one for me? Will my ex come back into my life? Do you see this relationship having a longterm future? What are her feelings for me?  Is she my true soulmate?  Is he cheating on me?  These are the kinds of questions I am so often asked as a tarot reader.    Sometimes you need some reassurance, or some confirmation that your instincts are correct.  Sometimes you feel confused or uncertain, or you are worried by aspects of your partner’s attitude or behaviour.
  • There’s so much benefit in planning.  It’s ok to rush from one activity to the next and check the items on your various to-do lists…. But you already realise that to be effective and to actually enjoy the journey, you need to feel in charge of both your time and your focus. Not only that, your stated purpose has to be in alignment with your soul contract, or you are always going to feel a little off course.