Past Life Readings

You will have experienced that there are some particular aspects of your personality, interests and life experience that cannot be fully explained  or described by formative experiences in your childhood.  Sometimes these traits  can be very persistent, and they colour our current experience.

It can be so helpful to get a handle on this, as there are sometimes aspects of ourselves we really need to understand before we can let them go.   I am told that in future lifetimes we will remember more of what we have learned here, and it won’t be such a difficult task to realise our life purpose and how this relates to what happened in previous lives. Wouldn’t this be brilliant!  For now, you need some kind of method to be able to access the record of your past lives and the patterning that you are repeating – and it really helps if someone holds the space for you.

Sometimes a past life, or a series of past lives, creates an unmistakeable “signature” in your thinking or behaviour, and this is often something that you need to be able to release and let go before you can move on to the next level in your development.  If you would like help with this, please contact me.

This reading is for when you are working on your spiritual and emotional development and have found blocks in yourself that you cannot get past. Then it will all make sense!

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