Premium Online Tarot Coaching to Light the Spark Within

 What is it you most want to change?  What do you most want to happen?  How would you feel if someone could take your hand and support you, step by step,  to achieve the results you  are capable of, but which feel as if they are out of reach? Have you reached the end of the road with trying to cope and figure things out on your own?  Modern Tarot can help you find fresh, extraordinary solutions and approaches to old problems.

Your most urgent desires and problems all have an underlying cause. They are here to help you grow and develop beyond any current limitations.    Issues such as your self image, your relationship situation, not having the financial freedom you need,  and not feeling fulfilled are all important, as they tell you about your longing to  be much more aligned with who you really are.

Take a step forward  – book a reading, a 1:1 consultation or arrange your unique soul coaching plan – and find for yourself the difference it can make.

“Wow! That was an incredible reading. I really appreciate your very clear writing style and detail you provide. This is probably one of the easiest to follow readings I’ve received. “ T. Smith

From the blog: original articles on spiritual growth and development

Reading the Field : Divination and not Prediction

I don’t offer predictive readings about what will happen in future.  In fact the “future” does not really exist except as a tense in verbs. The future is a concept that we created and hold in our own minds. The future constantly changes, and the exact timing of events, meetings and co-incidences is very difficult to predict accurately unless they are sequenced according to unchanging laws of physics.  In any situation involving the free will and choices of human beings, or mutable natural forces such as weather, you could almost say change is the only constant force. There is a big difference between divination and prediction. Divination is [...]

The Modern Practice of Tarot

Everyone wants a tarot reading at some time – you’ve got a difficult decision, a choice where you need more clarity, you can’t reach a clear analysis of your options, or find your way through… why wouldn’t you turn to tarot as a skilful method to reflect upon your situation and gain more clarity. Tarot is so popular - people use it to think through management and implementation strategies, help plot a novel, ascertain which job to apply for, or find out “Does s/he have feelings for me, or am I imagining it.. would this be a good relationship?” The Tarot does not judge, you always feel fully [...]

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