Everyone wants a tarot reading at some time – you’ve got a difficult decision, a choice where you need more clarity, you can’t reach a clear analysis of your options, or find your way through… why wouldn’t you turn to tarot as a skilful method to reflect upon your situation and gain more clarity. Tarot is so popular – people use it to think through management and implementation strategies, help plot a novel, ascertain which job to apply for, or find out “Does s/he have feelings for me, or am I imagining it.. would this be a good relationship?”

The Tarot does not judge, you always feel fully respected and recognised, and your dilemmas are responded to with dignity and seriousness.  Yet you can be sure it will tell you if it thinks you are headed in the wrong direction or something is amiss!

A professional reader is completely confidential.  She will never reveal your personal details or story.  It’s quicker and cheaper than therapy, and it’s completely up to you what you want to do with the results or how often you come back.

Tarot doesn’t predict the future in that old-style crystal ball and crushed purple velvet kind of way, but it helps you get clear on the energies that are surrounding you –  the process of having you-in-your-situation being witnessed by the Tarot and the Reader makes it easier for you to attain more balance and self-awareness.  A Tarot reading is like a virtual snapshot of the energies that surround you and the topic that you want to enquire into. It gives you the chance to step back slightly and view yourself through a different window where you can glimpse a fresh view and a clearer perspective.

There are always going to be critics who are not interested in this method of tuning in to the interconnected wisdom of the collective.  They are able to function in this world through being logical, correct, and living based on scientifically or empirically observable facts. To them, consulting a Tarotista is nonsense.  But there are a lot of us who know life is just not like that, because like the shamans we know there are two worlds, not justr oine, that we live in every day. We’ve seen synchronicity at play. We want to feel connected to Spirit, and that our life is aligned to our cosmic blueprint. We seek guidance to correct our course so that we feel we are headed in the right direction.   We know Tarot is a way to get in tune with spiritual guidance that has our back.  We’ve seen the Tarot reading that confirms us in images and concepts that are very specific and individual.  In a good reading you can see laid out in front of you the key players and current preoccupations of your life.   Often there are physical details that are uncannily accurate for that moment in time.  You feel encouraged, reassured and uplifted, and the sun peeks out from behind the clouds.  You get a sense of your way forwards and you see that renewal is possible. You renew a commitment or take on a new one. You get a Yes!  Go for this project and get on with it immediately – or else, a No, or wait a while, caution is advisable.

The Tarot holds an ancient alchemy in its mysterious centuries-old heart – if you come as a seeker, with a genuine question, it will hold a contract with you to answer your question.  It will meet you.  However there is a skill in asking your question in a way that draws a useful and productive answer. This is where a professional reader can really help, by holding a neutral space and phrasing your question with clarity.    You won’t get far with basic yes/no questions or questions that are confused because of strong emotions, or if you want the Tarot to confirm you are right about something that is actually destructive to someone.

Because people have been consulting Tarot for literally hundreds of years, and all around the world people are doing the same, there is a well established field of intention for Tarot consultations.   It is possible to tune in to the archetypal patterning that underlies the field.  This is the field that psychics tune into, and read in various ways, and in truth we can all access it, but some people have trained and practised this skill. The field where we go to read Tarot is responsive and benign. The archetypal characters of the Tarot deck – both mysterious and ordinary – are there for all of us – especially if you cultivate a personal  relationship with them.

Anyone can do this, and you do not always need a professional reader- many people read for themselves. Professional readers read for themselves a lot, but they especially value those readings when they go to someone else for a reading, and they will also pay for a top reader, because it is both more validating and more objective.  (Sometimes an inexperienced reader, or a reader who is locked into their assumptions about you can do you a disservice).   It is nigh on impossible to see past our own blind spots.  We also need other people to help us produce our best work, by  aerating it with a fresh perspective.   When two people gather together with a clear intention to work towards the highest good of the client, it is a significant act of reaching out.  When the Tarot is included and consulted in a respectful manner,  there is a blessing on this venture.