Mentoring and spiritual help that goes further and deeper

A reading with me, or a series of readings,  will take you to the next step in your journey  – with insight, support and encouragement. 

I  use a psychic approach known as “remote viewing” whereby I can tune in to aspects of your energetic field and your situation.  am also trained and deeply experienced  in other therapeutic and spiritual modalities including psychotherapy which support me in bringing compassion, emotional and psychological understanding and a deeply holistic view of who we are as human beings. In my own life I had many painful struggles, including the deaths of all those closest to me, loss of relationships, being too afraid to realise my purpose in life,  and terrifying isolation.  Now I can look back and see just how much I have learned over a lifetime that has helped me become more patient and accepting.  The simplest way to offer you the benefit of this learning and experience Is through my tarot skills.

From my own journey, as well as my work with 100s of clients, I know how every important thing we want lies on the other side of a fear or a perceived self limitation.  The process of spiritual mentoring addresses your issues and core fears. These are fears we all know, such as fear of not being worthy,  fear of failure or fear of being judged or abandoned. Face your fears sufficiently, and you will find yourself back on the path where you know you feel right.

How I work

I tune into my guidance and my highest possible source of spiritual insight and wisdom. This is combined with practical common sense, and my in-depth knowledge and understanding of tarot.  As a lifetime student of tarot, I continue to learn and grow as a tarot practitioner. There is always so much to learn and understand to stay current with the wave of time.  I sincerely love working with all my clients, and  the purpose of a tarot reading is to offer you insight and encouragement.

With love


“Thank you for your reading I found it very insightful and helpful. A lot of what you said really resonates with me and I appreciate how straight forward you were with your response. I intend on being more thoughtful of my decisions and on what things I need to change to be happy. Thank you again!” Madeline