How to get the most benefit from a tarot or psychic reading

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When offering client readings sometimes I perceive a mismatch between my understanding of what I am offering, and what the client believes she wants to receive. If we don’t align our expectations, the reading can be disappointing for both of us.

A client comes to a reading with defined expectations,  and a question they want answered.  Very often, there are also underlying needs that are less clearly articulated.  These may form the basis of another, different question that I may need to ask which may in fact help the client much more than focusing on the initial question.  So how can I meet my clients halfway, by honouring their original question, but also sharing some depth understanding and insight?

For me a reading is a spiritual opportunity and I view it as an “evolutionary stimulant”.  However the client may just want to know “is he coming back into my life?” and may not be not too interested in exploring the bigger picture that has led to this situation of loss and longing.

When working on a psychic phone line service, my experience has been that many clients are impatient for me to get to the message, but  It takes time for me to be centred and focus in on a client’s energy while I read their cards. I can’t do it if I feel under pressure, because I need to focus in a relaxed and peaceful way. I could offer them so much more if they let me!  This is one of the reasons I offer written readings, in addition to phone and skype readings,  as there is time to tune into my guidance, and create a coherent, scripted narrative  where everything flows into place – I can’t do this on the phone quickly because of the way my mind works. Psychic  answers need to come from a still and deeply reflective place within the reader where I “hear” the truth that wants to be spoken. Then I need to find the language in which to convey it.  This takes much more than a simple “yes” or “no”.  


Ask empowering questions

A psychic is not going to be able to tell you that what you need is going to land at your door without your going out and doing something to make it happen. So think about the questions you ask – a good reading is always based in asking empowered questions, or questions that nudge you towards taking a little more control of a situation. An empowering question might be “What is it that I consistently give out to other people, and is this in my and their best interests?” or “”what are the most important things I need to follow through on after this reading” or “how can I learn to accept myself more?” 

The question every reader receives just about every day is “When am I going to meet my soulmate?” Well, are you doing everything in your power to be ready for a truly fabulous relationship, or are there a few things you are just not willing to do, and you want them to be done for you?  Or do you need to look at things differently? Do we need to explore more carefully what it is that is preventing you from having a fulfilling relationship? 

Changing the outcome of a reading

 A client says that what her boyfriend did is unacceptable and unforgiveable – yet what I see in her cards is that if she could go beyond this and find acceptance and even forgiveness for his failures, their relationship could blossom into a beautiful new phase of love and connection. However she does not want this to be so, as forgiveness feels impossible while she is angry.  Another client does not want to be given the bad news I can see about a business situation in which she is being exploited by someone who is actively working against her. She won’t be able to defeat him without standing up for herself much more assertively – but she can’t see her way to doing that.  There is the client who does not know what her partner’s feelings are towards her, because they’re not able to have that discussion about love,  and she wants me to tell her, or the client who is furious with a husband for leading the family into difficulty, when she trusted him to take charge.

There is no easy fix for these situations, but as I see it, the best service I can offer is to show the truth of what I can see and also offer ways in which any potential negative outcomes could be averted by taking appropriate action. These situations all took a long time to build, and they really can’t be solved by a reading, but when you break down problems with insight, into a series of steps, amazing change can be created.

If you do not like the outcome of a reading, it is definitely possible to change it.  You can definitely change the route that you are on, and so you can change where you are heading to, but you need to consider carefully the steps along the way, without holding on too tightly to your old story about yourself. You need to see this old story clearly so you can get out of your own way and make a new outcome. Your reader can help you do this by showing you the potentials of different routes you could take. 

Develop your own psychic skills

Sometimes clients think that I’m doing something they are incapable of, by seeing into their energy patterns.  We are all capable of this, and I sense psychic and intuitive skills will become more highly valued in increasingly chaotic times where we may no longer have external sources of information  we can trust 

Try tuning in to your own inner guidance system. Breathe, and become centred within your body awareness. Know the difference between the different voices – your mental chatter, critical or controlling voices, and the quieter inner voice that lives within the stillness in your heart.  Be comfortable and easy tuning into your centre in this way. Do it all the time and learn to trust it. It does not matter where you perceive this is located,  or your personal beliefs about where it comes from. Respect this process and give it regular time and attention, and you can learn and grow an invaluable skill. Flower, gem and vibrational essences can also help the process of grounding and tuning in to your intuition. 

Try the free ebook – there’s guidance on self-development included that can help you become more receptive to guidance, wherever you choose to access this.