Clear Light Tarot-based Coaching Programs

Expert support and coaching always by your side

Tarot-based Coaching Programs are an innovative way to access top notch mentoring.  My tarot mentoring is private and non-intrusive but potent. My clients report changes within days.  I do not over-fill my calendar, so I can focus on your development and transformation.  I shine a bright beam of focus on our work together so that you can grow – my joy is in your journey of discovery and your true transformation. With both of us working together, this such an elegant, timely and cost-effective way to make your life feel positive, blessed and purposeful.  The awesome written reading reports, sent as a Word document, are yours to keep, and you will return to them many times.  The choice of programs varies according to TIME so you can engage in your own personal transformation process with a level of investment that’s easy to manage.

Three Month Renew, Refresh and Reset

When you need a process to get yourself going – you’ve slowed down, been delayed, got stuck or lost your mojo- sometimes all it takes is someone alongside you, who will see you for who you are, give you feedback, identify the issues you are facing, and help you get them into perspective.  This process brings you a fresh start, with new goal setting and action planning, a review of how everything’s going, a renewed and refreshed vision of your unique strengths.   At £150 per month, this is affordable and you will find it creates a big impact.

  • Focus and goal setting
  • 2 extended  readings with written reports
  • a  followup reading with action points
  • 4 phone or teleconferencing sessions
  • Opening and closing review and feedback
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Transformation in Six Months

How much growth and development can you manage in six months?  If you keep focused, your life can look and feel completely different in six months.  One of the keys is staying in relationship over that period with your mentor.  You’re not expected to do it alone – nor are you signing up to a big financial commitment with a life or business coach – and you get top quality mentoring and support, challenges to meet, accountability and consistency that make all the difference to how you feel about yourself and how you meet your targets.  You choose what you want to focus on,  and you are supported with kindness and compassion, and challenge if you need it. The fee works out at £108.50 per month, which is excellent value.

  • Extended planning session
  • Four extended readings with written reports so you can go into detail in different areas
  • Two followup readings with action points
  • 6 sessions phone or teleconferencing, one session scheduled every two weeks
  • Opening and closing review and feedbackThe
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Twelve Month Soul Mentoring Package

If you’re ready for change, and you want to make detailed progress over the next year – here’s where you start.  Imagine how far you can go with a whole year of high level insight and support.  With this level of consistency you can really raise your game, whether you want personal or professional development or a mix of both.  It takes time to work changes through in your life, as progress is never linear and someone there to hold you steady through the twists and turns of your year gives you a magnificent advantage.  This is fantastic value as you get all of this for an incredible £83.00 per month

  • Extended review and planning session
  • 9 extended readings with written reports – go into detail in every single life area that matters to you, and follow through month by month
  • 4 follow up readings with action points
  • 12 sessions phone or teleconferencing, one session scheduled every month
  • Extended review and feedback summary
  • Detailed mentoring on one big project
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VIP Flexible Monthly Plans

For those of you who travel a lot or have insanely busy schedules, you want to vary the amount of support you have from month to month, or you just want ONE breakthrough month– this option’s for you.

Throughout the month you will  enjoy two readings with written reports, up to 90 minutes audio-visual, IM or phone conferencing,   a special focus session to create your focus for the month,  and a closing review and feedback. Perfect when you want to concentrate on just one topic, event or problem, or when  you want to treat yourself.  With this option I will meet with you at the times you can manage, even if you’re on the road or have very little time due to your work schedule.

The fee is £250 per month, calculated as 31 days from the day we start.

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Program FAQ’s

You get to set your unique start and end dates.  If you pay by instalments, dates will be agreed with you at the beginning of the work  for when instalments are due, depending on your individual mentoring schedule.

Please see the Terms and Conditions Page, as by placing an order you agree you have read and understood my ethical framework. All work is strictly confidential.  If you need additional security,  all emails and reports can be sent encrypted and time limited for privacy.

Program Fees

Payment in advance only, and instalment payments must paid by the agreed dates in advance. No work is undertaken until fees are paid.

Costs are in GB Pounds.   Use Paypal to easily convert into US dollars, Euros or your own currency.