Clear Light Soul reading

This style of reading is like a snapshot of where you are now in your life,  seen from a higher perspective than your everyday life reality.   Where have you come from, how does your life look right now, and where are you heading?      How close are you to your own divine blueprint  – your plan for this lifetime, and how far off track are you? What are your priorities in terms of your soul learning for this lifetime – and how can you dovetail this with your everyday life and responsibilities?  Bringing closer alignment to who you really are, and your unique highest potential,  is a beautiful way to make more of all the opportunities presented to you, even if right now you see them as problems rather than opportunities!  Take this reading when you know you have to make changes and you have to begin somewhere! When you have found yourself reflecting on  the big questions, such as who am I really, why am I here, is this where I really want to be?

We all long to be seen and recognised for who we really are.  To be recognised and affirmed is really all we need.  This is the essential nourishment that can help us re-set and re-orient ourselves to what lies immediately in front of us.

*Refresh your perspective, re-focus and re-set your intentions.

*Review where you have come from, where you are now, and where you want to go next

*Sit back a bit and take a look at your important relationships and your work situation in terms of how these sit within your bigger spiritual  and life paths

*Take a peek at what is just around the corner for you

*Review issues and life-lessons that are ongoing.  Sometimes you need to touch in and get a reality-check on how you are doing

*Find out if there is something that you need to know or understand to be fully fulfilled. Are you in alignment with your soul contract? Do you need to make some adjustments?

*And of course- receive affirmation, feedback, mentoring, encouragement and  understanding from a compassionate and engaged witness.

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