Career/Workplace Mentoring

Am I in the right job? Will my work prospects improve soon?  How can I best  deal with the boss, manager or colleague who is making my life difficult?  How best to cope with workplace competition or bullying? Do I need to change direction in my career? I feel stuck and don’t know what to do to progress….   Shall I take the plunge and start my own business? Do I need to go to college? If I relocate, will it work out?

Getting some clarity on your work situation is so important, as then you can  plan, work consistently in the right direction,  and achieve the results you want.  Often it’s not possible to be fully open with colleagues, and confidential professional tarot mentoring is a brilliant option to help you review, take stock, make inspired   choices, or feel fully informed when you are facing difficult decisions.

Or maybe you need support and a clear sense of direction to help you start your own business or develop your business in a new direction?  You might be surprised how many leaders and experts in their fields use tarot mentoring as an efficient creative resource to help them stay on track in pursuing their goals.   The mentoring is strictly confidential and behind the scenes, while your success is your own achievement.

Tarot mentoring is more than just a reading, and with the ongoing opportunity to apply your learning and insights in practice  it’s a way to shine and excel and play to your unique strengths.

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