15 05, 2018

How to get the most benefit from a tarot or psychic reading

How to get the most benefit from a tarot or psychic reading Download the free Clear Light ebook for yourself or give to a client When offering client readings sometimes I perceive a mismatch between my understanding of what I am offering, and what the client believes she wants to receive. If we don’t align our expectations, the reading can be disappointing for both of us. A client comes to a reading with defined expectations,  and a question they want answered.  Very often, there are also underlying needs that are less clearly articulated.  These may form the basis of another, different question that I may need to ask which may in fact help the client much more [...]

6 04, 2018

Free Tarot and Psychic Readings – #Paymetoo

Like many tarot and psychic readers, I am often asked for a free reading.  The seeker feels they really need a reading, but they cannot afford to pay, and they ask if there is a free option.  Do they also ask for other professional services to be provided free?  I don’t know. There is a prevailing popular idea that spiritual services should or could be provided at no cost, or perhaps they are not worth paying hard cash for.  Yet at the same time, these services are highly sought after – any successful psychic and reader will tell you they are very busy.   Recently I was overwhelmed by requests for free readings, so here I explore [...]

11 02, 2018

Why Tarot?

Why Tarot is so popular and effective. Tarot has stood the test of time as a popular tool for divination, self development, spiritual insight and informed decision making.  As an experienced tarot reader, here I describe some of the reasons it is so effective. Most  people seeking psychic and spiritual guidance are seeking either reassurance and confirmation,  or direct help.  There are also those who are seeking to grow and develop both spiritually and who wish to attain desired  goals and outcomes. Tarot is a generous and accessible resource open to everyone, whatever you want to use it for. For those seeking a tool for insight, growth and development, or as a channel for messages from spirit,  [...]

5 12, 2017

How to Align to your Spiritual Guidance System

How everyday life offers amazing spiritual learning opportunities - if we can only see and make the most of them A cherished colleague, Rachel, was talking about the substantial responsibilities she has in raising three young children with complex medical and emotional needs, with little or no support from their father, who walked away during her third pregnancy. I resonated with what she said, but then she said something that made me really pay attention. She said she felt she was less than adequate, or was unworthy, because she did not feel she was coping so well with all of this. Other people, she felt, have easier lives, or are able to be better organised and in [...]

4 12, 2017

Reading the Field : Divination and not Prediction

I don’t offer predictive readings about what will happen in future.  In fact the “future” does not really exist except as a tense in verbs. The future is a concept that we created and hold in our own minds. The future constantly changes, and the exact timing of events, meetings and co-incidences is very difficult to predict accurately unless they are sequenced according to unchanging laws of physics.  In any situation involving the free will and choices of human beings, or mutable natural forces such as weather, you could almost say change is the only constant force. There is a big difference between divination and prediction. Divination is an ancient art, and misunderstanding this may have led [...]

29 11, 2017

The Modern Practice of Tarot

Everyone wants a tarot reading at some time – you’ve got a difficult decision, a choice where you need more clarity, you can’t reach a clear analysis of your options, or find your way through… why wouldn’t you turn to tarot as a skilful method to reflect upon your situation and gain more clarity. Tarot is so popular - people use it to think through management and implementation strategies, help plot a novel, ascertain which job to apply for, or find out “Does s/he have feelings for me, or am I imagining it.. would this be a good relationship?” The Tarot does not judge, you always feel fully respected and recognised, and your dilemmas are responded to [...]