Premium Online Tarot Coaching to Light the Spark Within

 What is it you most want to change?  What do you most want to happen?  How would you feel if someone could take your hand and support you, step by step,  to achieve the results you  are capable of, but which feel as if they are out of reach? Have you reached the end of the road with trying to cope and figure things out on your own?  Modern Tarot can help you find fresh, extraordinary solutions and approaches to old problems.

Your most urgent desires and problems all have an underlying cause. They are here to help you grow and develop beyond any current limitations.    Issues such as your self image, your relationship situation, not having the financial freedom you need,  and not feeling fulfilled are all important, as they tell you about your longing to  be much more aligned with who you really are.

Take a step forward  – book a reading, a 1:1 consultation or arrange your unique soul coaching plan – and find for yourself the difference it can make.

“Wow! That was an incredible reading. I really appreciate your very clear writing style and detail you provide. This is probably one of the easiest to follow readings I’ve received. “ T. Smith

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How to get the most benefit from a tarot or psychic reading

How to get the most benefit from a tarot or psychic reading Download the free Clear Light ebook for yourself or give to a client When offering client readings sometimes I perceive a mismatch between my understanding of what I am offering, and what the client believes she wants to receive. If we don’t align our expectations, the reading can be disappointing for both of us. A client comes to a reading with defined expectations,  and a question they want answered.  Very often, there are also underlying needs that are less clearly articulated.  These may form the basis of another, different question that I may need to ask [...]

Free Tarot and Psychic Readings – #Paymetoo

Like many tarot and psychic readers, I am often asked for a free reading.  The seeker feels they really need a reading, but they cannot afford to pay, and they ask if there is a free option.  Do they also ask for other professional services to be provided free?  I don’t know. There is a prevailing popular idea that spiritual services should or could be provided at no cost, or perhaps they are not worth paying hard cash for.  Yet at the same time, these services are highly sought after – any successful psychic and reader will tell you they are very busy.   Recently I was overwhelmed [...]

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